John was a true professional to work with and was very flexible and responsive. John would go beyond just taking pictures.  For a recent listing that included video and aerial drone work, he listened to all my needs and then we collaborated on ideas and the best approach to get the true “spirit” of a truly unique home. The results were flawless, and we had a high volume of showings thanks to John’s work. – Shawn W. Towell, Realtor

John Badalamenti and I have worked together in numerous real estate capacities over many years. Whenever I had a job that required his talent, I would hire him. From photography to video filming and droning his work was spectacular. He has a knack for precision and perfection. He excelled in his new work to the point that he became increasingly popular and a very hot commodity. So much so that he was difficult to get on my schedule. I can without a moment’s hesitation recommend John   He never disappoints. His work is meticulous. We miss him here on the East coast. As a colleague, photographer and friend. – Lone H Spillard, Realtor

I have worked with John for years and to say that I miss him is an understatement.   His work was always beautiful.  I never heard a complaint from a client nor was I ever disappointed.  John is a true professional.  Always on time, and a pleasure to work with.  I miss him and have yet to find a photographer whose work is comparable. – Lisa Cooper, Realtor

John Badalamenti has grown to be the BEST photographer for our listings. His business has developed far beyond the photography that most professionals deliver. As our Real Estate industry grows and changes John’s photography does the same. His videos, still photography and drone photography surpass any local photographer I know. Between John’s Real Estate knowledge and knowledge & love for photography you will never find a better photographer. We miss him. – Wendy Monaghan, Realtor

Great Guy…lost without him….struggling actually. He was the BEST!!! He was always there for me and if he could not make it he found time for me.  Performed Miracles for me on some properties!  When I wondered about a job he performed amazingly.  Very fair; extremely concerned about doing the right job.  Updated equipment and always trying to stay ahead of the market.  Hire him and mention my name…you will not be sorry!!! – Linda Gedney, Realtor

I have used John Badalamenti Photography for years in marketing my real estate listings.  From small townhouses to luxury estate properties, the quality of John’s work remains a constant and I can always rely on his incredible eye to capture every important detail. He is a kind, compassionate and caring human being who just happens to be a fantastic photographer.  – Joan H. Lewis, Realtor

I discovered John Badalamenti last year and now that he has relocated, I am having a hard time replacing him. He is a consummate professional. He brings more to the shoot than a flash on camera, he knows what he’s doing, and he is patient and friendly to me and to my clients, if they are present. He shoots pictures that show not just the features of the home, but the character of the property, helping me present a home in its best light. He provides pictures quickly and is simply a pleasure to work with. A quick anecdote:  My client noticed a property online on his wife’s computer and thought she was perusing homes to purchase when theirs sold. He thought, wow, that’s a nice one! Turns out he was seeing John’s photos on his own listing…Deborah Lonsdorf, Realtor

John has a wonderful eye and was always able to highlight the best parts of the homes/listings he photographed for me. I am quite sure that my listings sold quicker because John made them look spectacular!  And a quick sale is always a good thing for sellers and agents.  We agents will all miss being able to count on John here in PA; lucky you in Arizona! Please feel free to contact me directly if you’d like more John Badalamenti Photography-gushing! – Cyndy Young, Realtor

John is the best photographer whom I have used for my real estate listings and I miss having him to help me launch my new listings in the most attractive way possible. He is dependable, quick, visually talented in composition, assured about what is appealing in a photograph, and always polite and pleasant if sellers insist on being involved. Try him once and you will, like me, always rely on him. – Shirley Syfert, Realtor

I used John Badalamenti’s photographic services for all my recent listings. He provided the same level of professional services whether the project was a $200,000 listing or a $1.3 million one. The quality of John’s work was outstanding and truly represented my clients’ homes without looking “enhanced”.   His rates were very reasonable, and John was extremely reliable in keeping his appointments and delivering his final shots when promised.  He made my listings look great and allowed me to get them online as quickly as possible. We will miss John and his work. I highly recommend him for all your real estate photographic needs. – Tom Weeks, Realtor

Philadelphia’s loss is Phoenix’s gain!  John’s photograph’s truly highlight the character of the property.  My clients were very pleased with his work and I highly recommend him. – Holly Morrison, Realtor

Hi John: I bet we miss you more than you miss us. Thank you for always being available when I needed you and your photography. You did such an amazing job and my sellers were always pleased. Good luck in your new venture! Your new clients are very blessed to have you.- Sarah DiSands, Realtor

 John has photographed my listings in the heat of the Summer and in gruesome, dark, dreary Winter. He makes sure he’s always a couple of minutes early, a big smile on his face. John checks out the natural light, he gets how he’ll focus his lens and his work is amazing! – Andrea Goryl, Realtor

John, I will sorely miss you, but I wish you much good luck and health!  Your photography work you did for me was very reasonable, professional and high-quality   Gray, who does my brochures, always commented that the pictures were sized correctly and just the right amount of pictures to use for the MLS, The drone photography was fantastic too!!  – Thank you – Dennis Morgan, Realtor

John, I feel like this is a reverse “Dear John” letter, as you’ve left us here in Main Line Philly to serve the Arizona market. However, our loss is their gain. And what a loss it is! You provided the finest and highest quality property photography service and made this critical part of the marketing process a pleasure. Whether a large or small listing, you made it shine – all without fanfare, or tedious shooting sessions, and with prompt delivery that is perfectly formatted for easy loading. You are already sorely missed! – Gary Steinberg, Realtor

John has been the listing photographer on four of my listings in the past year and a half.  Each time John comes to the appointment with a positive attitude and helps put the homeowners at ease during the photography. John know just the right angle to photograph any house to make it looks its very best.  My clients loved the aerial photographs taken with the drone technology.  John’s interior photographs are gorgeous. He knows just the right angle to show off the best features of each room.  The final photos John delivers are perfect for my local MLS and for printing.  John has been a true asset in marketing my listings! –  Melanie F, Realtor

“We’ve worked with John on several real estate listing projects. For us, one of his greatest strengths in doing real estate photography is that he is a Realtor himself. He understands ‘customer behavior’ in viewing listings…and has a strong sense of how to ‘guide’ a buyer through a series of online images. John’s sense of lighting, composition, and highlighting any property’s best features is second-to-none. – “Rick Moore and Angela Morsa, The Morsa-Moore Realty Team, Realtors

John is the best! He has a great eye for detail and captures the proper angle and highlights the appealing features of a property. He is very prompt and always on time. Johns photos are excellent! – Selma Glanzberg, Realtor

John Badalamenti has been my go-to photographer for years.  I can always depend on him to be punctual and professional.  John always goes the extra mile to insure my listings can be viewed in their best light.  He takes an abundance of pictures from which to choose, even aerials.  All are available to plug into the MLS and John has been there to help me, should there be a problem loading them, whether the problem has been with me or the Service.   His price has always been reasonable, despite the amount of time he spends at the site and in preparing the final product.  I am at a loss for a photographer, now.  No one will measure up to John B. – Candy Kane, Realtor