Some time ago I decided to add HD video to the services I provide to real estate agents which can also include aerial for added effect via a drone. After editing the different takes to make one 2-3 minutes video for the client, choosing the right music is important to emphasize the “character” of the real estate property. Often the real estate agent will tell me what type of music they prefer for their video after I send them an initial cut. For promotional videos where there are B rolls and voice-overs from the subject in the video, adding background music in B rolls can also add a dramatic effect.

Which brings me to my next subject: the music itself. With so many royalty free music services available (there is a fee to purchase this music which I completely support), one can spend a lot of time wadding through various themes and sample a lot of clips before choosing the right one. And then comes the editing of the music (look Ma, I’m making a movie). Back and forth, forwards and backwards, this clip should begin with this beat, that clip with this crescendo, what music portion is best to fade out? so forth and so on.

That my uncle is a composer for movies and television makes it a bit more challenging because every time I download a new music clip for a video, I get a bit frustrated that I am not using a piece from one of his movies or TV shows. Wow, “Dance of the Dream Man” from the original Twin Peaks TV show would be perfect for this, or “Laurens Walking” from the Strait Story movie would be great as the door opens to this beautiful home.  Why don’t I just up and ask him to use some of him scores? Well, because I respect him not only as an uncle, but also because I’ve always felt it would be putting him on the spot and make him feel uncomfortable. Family or not, it’s just not cool.

Fast forward to a my own promo video I edited from various past projects, I finally caved in and decided that I wasn’t a pain all this time so I would only ask for this one favor; I sent him the raw video with timeline and asked him if he wouldn’t mind providing background music from whatever piece he wished based on the clips I sent him. Within the hour he responded that he would in fact be delighted to do so and not long after I was sent a piece from the GAIA Theme from the World Expo he wrote for.

So, I am proud to say that I finally got my wish. A video that I shot and edited with my dear uncle’s soundtrack.

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