John Badalamenti – Professional Photographer, Videographer and Drone Operator

Trained in color photographic techniques in a graphic arts trade house in NYC serving Madison Avenue print advertising agencies, John Badalamenti originally specialized in real estate/architectural photography before also embracing video and aerial work. A member of the Professional Photographer’s Association of America, and an FAA Certified sUAS (drone) pilot, John proudly serves the Phoenix, Arizona Metro Area providing promotional, real estate, and documentary – videos, real estate/architectural photography, head-shot/portrait photography, aerial photography & videos.

For Real Estate/Architectural Photography – I employ a process known as HDR (high dynamic range) to enhance each picture’s detail and color spectrum for optimum tone reproduction.

For Head-shots/Portraits, I try to make this a fun and rewarding experience to help the agent relax and be themselves. I also don’t rush the process. You can see your head-shots live as they are shot via a tether directly from the camera to a high-res laptop, so you can choose your favorite pose.

For Promotional and Documentary Videos, I will help you create a story-board that fits with the message you wish to portray. I will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please contact me for additional details.

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with any questions. — John Badalamenti